Total Mass Outfitters LLC






Total Mass Outfitters LLC 

Rates for 2012-2013 season

Rules: all the bucks must be 5 or older 

Hunt Package                Price $3500.00

Includes one Classic (clean 8 Point)

If over 135B&C another $500.00 

Upgrade Classic to 9 Point                                        Price $1500.00

Upgrade to Trophy                                                     Price $2500.00

Extra Classic (clean 8 Point)                                     Price $3500.00

A Cull (to be determined by guide)                           Price $1000.00

 A Trophy is $6000.00 if over 160 B&C the following matrix will be observed                             

                        160 B&C         $500.00

                        170B&C         $1000.00

                        180B&C         $2000.00

                        190B&C          $4000.00


Housing is included but not food

Total Mass Outfitters

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